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About us

Human Wireless is about people : we're first of all a team and we believe technology should serve people - all people - in a way that's both fair and sustainable, both open and safe.

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We do not generally offer mass market services, our aim is to build a safer web.

What we do

We work actively with public institutions, small businesses, huge corporations or even individuals to help them make better use of technology (and sometimes develop brand new technology), in a safe and scalable way.

Sometimes we do this for clients, sometimes to support a cause dear to our hearts, sometimes as part of our experiments in the Yellowhouse Lab, but as a team we always have fun at it.

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Software / Web Engineering
IT for Governance
Security Assessments
Social Responsibility Projects
FYE App Studio
Yellowhouse Laboratory




(+237) 242027748
(+237) 22027748
Weekdays 8am-7pm GMT+1

P.O. Box 30627 Yaounde, Cameroon

Join us

If you're a bright IT-related grad/student We'd be honoured to work with you!

No hassle here! Just scribble a brief cover letter and post it right away. Tell us about yourself, what you can do and what you expect from a dream job.

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